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What should I expect?

Evaluation, or testing, is a multi-step process.  It includes collecting background information, administering tests, scoring and interpreting tests, and writing a report that explains the results of the testing and provides specific recommendations for appropriate accommodation, treatment, and intervention.  It may also include consulting with school staff or other mental health professionals, when appropriate.

Testing may sound intimidating or even scary.

It is actually fairly straightforward and many people actually find it fun.

The Process

Consultation - After making an initial inquiry, the psychologist will provide a free, 20-minute consultation in order to understand your desire for testing.  The psychologist will also familiarize you with the testing process. 


Interview - Your psychologist will meet with you (and possibly consult with others including educators, doctors, and therapists) to gather information about your (or your child’s) medical, emotional, educational, social, or behavioral functioning background. The psychologist will also interview you about the current symptoms or problems and goals of testing.  Parents, clients, and client’s teachers may be provided questionnaires and asked to return them at test administration.  The interview step usually takes 60-90 minutes.  


Planning - Your psychologist will then choose the most appropriate type of testing to address your needs and you will be provided estimates of the cost.  At this time, you will be required to pay half of the expected costs and testing will be scheduled. 


Test Administration - Tests are administered face-to-face by a psychologist and may include writing or drawing, solving puzzles or answering questions, and responding to things presented on a computer, and academic tasks. Most people find some of the tests to be quite easy and others to be difficult. It is important to work as hard as possible on all of the tests in order for the results to be most informative.


Note: Depending on the complexity of the client and the reason for testing, testing may occur over one or multiple sessions and is best conducted in the daytime. While the psychologist’s time spent on the entire evaluation is greater, this portion of the evaluation usually takes 4-8 hours.    


Scoring, Test Interpretation, Report Writing - Your psychologist will then take a couple weeks to score tests, interpret the results of test scores, and write a detailed report that details their findings, diagnoses, and individualized recommendations. The client will not be present for this step. It usually takes the psychologist 8-10 hours to complete scoring, interpretation and report writing. 

Follow-up - When your psychologist completes the report, you will pay the remaining balance of the costs and a follow-up session with you will be scheduled.  During this meeting the psychologist will share the results of testing, recommendations, and provide you a copy of the report.  Routine follow-up meetings take 1 hour.  Occasionally, Tandem psychologists also consult with your child’s educators or the referring provider.

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